Colours For The Soul

An amazing set of fishes to touch your soul, experience a range of colours, flavours and aromas as Atithi

Outdoor Catering

We can bring our high end food to an event your hosting, both in and outdoor catering is offered, contact us for details.

Mouth Watering Desserts

From fresh champagne infused strawberries to a rich chocolate mouse, your sweet tooth will not be disappointed at Atithi

Enjoy Exquisite Cuisine

A combination of skill and art, is how we perceive our food. Enjoy a carefully selected menu from one of the UK's most experienced chefs.

Private Dining Area

We are fully equiped with a private dining area suited for parties and events, contact us for more info

New Exciting Menus

We truley beleive after you have sampled our food you will be craving more, having a look at our menu for details.

Experience Authenticity

Not only have we mainted traditional and fresh ingredients in our food, you will love Atithi's ambiance and authentic decor.

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Please note we only offer set menus on all Twickenham rugby games.